Designing a world for Make-A-Wish regular donors

The challenge

The Regular Giving Stewardship Program aims to engage regular donors of Make-A-Wish by cultivating strong relationships and ensuring that they feel valued, appreciated and connected to the organisation. However, there wasn’t an existing product, or brand that the Make-A-Wish team could use to cultivate these relationships. The goal of this product was to maintain and increase long-term support from regular donors, ultimately supporting MAW’s mission to grant wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Our approach

We adopted a human centred design process to first understand the people who were long-time supporters of MAW. Through workshop sessions and interviews, we understood their drivers and pain points. Through client ideation sessions we established relevant messaging territories to explore visually. We tested these concepts through stakeholder presentation sessions to land on a new product brand and identity.

The solution

Our core insight for this brand was that regular donors want to feel like they are personally involved in the journey. Our branding was inspired by a theme of adventure & discovery. Keeping the playful visual identity of the parent brand, our expression of this idea culminated in ‘The Wish Express. Deliver the Wish Effect.’ In conjunction with the branding, we supported their to-market strategy with donor journeys, video content and donor experience strategy and assets.