There is more than one victim of scamming

A new form of modern slavery

The world is facing a new form of modern slavery, known as ‘forced scamming’. But behind closed doors hundreds of thousands of individuals are trapped and forced to scam foreigners day and night. We partnered with International Justice Mission on this campaign, with the goal to introduce the concept to a global audience, and raise a groundswell of awareness and advocacy to fight the spread of this crime.

Find out who is scamming you

The creative concept behind the campaign was to peel back the curtain on an experience we are all familiar with – receiving scam message. To do this, we created a series of true-crime style mini documentaries, to tell the story of trafficking and slavery through the eyes of a survivor.

There is more than one victim

The campaign ran with a 2 phased approach. We launched with a billboard at a major train station in Sydney, inviting commuters to find out who is scamming them through facts and data about the crisis. The second wave engaged the heart with a first-person account from a scammer, and the call not just to learn who is scamming you… but to begin the end of forced slavery alongside IJM.